New Use for a Rubba Tool

Dear FlyLady,

Well, this is a new one you probably haven’t heard yet!

I received my Essentials package and love all of it, use it all the time.  But I had an “Aha” moment of a different kind recently.I have 3 Dear Sons, 15, 14 and 12.  Like most boys, hygiene is a bit sketchy sometimes, and I’ve noticed lots of flakes on their scalps.  Dandruff shampoo was a bit pricey and didn’t seem to make much difference.

I was giving haircuts recently and noticed all of them, particularly the oldest, really had residue rather than straight dandruff, from not really washing well.  Then my oldest told me he tried to use the mesh body puff on his hair.

Suddenly it came to me:  the HANDY SCRUBBA!!!  They all began to use it, with regular shampoo, and after the first wash, it was gone!  They like how it feels on their scalps, too.  It is much more gentle than using fingernails.

My oldest came back from his dad’s tonight and his hair was a greasy, flaky mess.  When I asked him if showered, he said, “Yeah, but I didn’t have my SCRUBBA!”. So there will be showers tonight, and everyone will no doubt have clean, fresh hair again.

Thanks for your inspiration and great tools.  I’m getting there, step by step.

Flybaby fluttering in NJ

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