Indestructible Water Bottles

Dear FlyLady,

I bought my DS 10 and DD8 the 12oz water bottles so they could take them to school. My son took it to his friends house and forgot it so they sent it to school the next day in a plastic shopping bag.

He got off the bus and accidentally dropped the bag on our road. Now this was a regular plastic bag from any grocery store and his water bottle and his Nintendo ds charger was in the bag too. Well a neighbor came home and didn’t see the bag in the middle of the road and ran over the bag and literally ran the water bottle over!

My son freaks out and runs outside grabs the bag and the bottle didn’t have a scratch, a dent or anything and it protected the charger too. We couldn’t believe it the FlyLady water bottle was perfectly fine and protected the charger I was amazed!!!!

So I now know these bottles can withstand pretty much anything!

Flying in eastern NC

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