askflyladyDear FlyLady,
Last year my stress level was so high that I don’t think I could stand another year like that. Please give me some tips to a stress-free Holiday Season.Beginning to Feel the Pressure

Dear FlyBaby,

Please do not put more pressure on yourself.  It does not help you any. Here are some tips.

1. Download our Holiday Control Journal and use it!
2. Think Clutter Free Gifts when it comes to presents.
3. Don’t try any new recipes; stay with family favorites.
4. Do something every day to prepare. Follow the Holiday Missions.
5. Make a Gift list!
6. Set a budget and stick to it.
7. Wrap items as they come in.
8. Menu plan to save time, money, and stress. Use your crockpot.
9. Commit to being ready for Christmas by December 1st.
10. Purchase a few baking supplies each week.
11. Let go of your perfectionism and have fun!

You can do this! Babysteps will get you there!

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