October Habit #20 When I Pay Bills

Dear FlyLady,

This is actually about bill organization.

I bought a bill organizer with the slots for each day of the month. As  bill come in, I open them, subtract 10 days from the due date, write that date and the amount due on the left end of the envelope, and file it in the slot for that date. At the same time I recycle ads and other inserts that I don’t need. I also have created 4 x 6″ cards for EFT paid bills and deposits, in the appropriate days’ slots. Then when I pay bills about twice a month, I print out a new check register from my credit union’s website, update it and then take out about 15 days’ worth  of bills/cards and pay as many bills as I can, then replace the remaining bills/cards in their slots. I put the cards for recurring bills or deposits at the front of the organizer after they are accounted for, so I can use them again when I set up the bill organizer at the beginning of the next month. I keep return address labels and stamps in the check book, and extras in an envelope in the first slot of the organizer. I also have cards for which days I need to get the trash and recycling out to the curb, which helps keep me organized.

Since I started using a bill organizer, I no longer lose bills and forget to pay them on time. Some bills I can pay by phone, selecting a date after we have received a deposit to cover them. That saves me writing checks and mailing these bills.


FlyLady here:

You are doing a great job at keeping your bills organized. Our Habit of the Month for October is Paper Clutter. The Office in a Bag is a fantastic tool to use as a binder for keeping current records until you need to put them in the final filing cabinet. You can DO THIS!

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