October Habit #21 Take Care of it As it Comes into the House

Dear FlyLady,

I am pretty good at getting rid of junk mail as it comes in the house and separating what we need from trash.

But, I did not start a file box at the beginning of this year for paper I need to keep. I just stacked all of the papers to be filed in a pile. It got taller and taller. Then I was having a meeting at my house and I stashed all of it in a drawer. After the meeting I started another pile. In September I was having people over again so I grabbed a file box and stashed the new pile in the file box.

Then came October’s habit of dealing with paper clutter. I decided I
better tackle this paper monster. I took a stack of empty file folders, my file box, and the rest of the paper to be filed into the living room. The baseball playoffs were on TV and while my husband and I watched the game, I sorted and filed.  I put the file box back in the office, shredded what I needed to and recycled anything I didn’t need.

Do you know it only took 1 hour to go through the papers and file what I
needed?  I had been putting it off all year. Now I file everything the day I pay my bills.

Thanks for giving me the reason to take care of this. What a load off of my mind!

FlyBaby in Illinois


FlyLady here:

It is such a relief when we have all of our bills and important paperwork where we need it. That’s the reason we designed The Office in a Bag! It is the best place to keep your current bills, notes to be sent or receipts that need filing.

It really only takes a little while, using our timer, to tame the paper monster. Are you ready to FLY into less paper? You can DO THIS!

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