Where Do You Store Your Red Mop and Feather Duster

Dear FlyLady,

I am interested in buying the red mop and the feather duster.  If I read it right the mop has wax imbedded in it and the duster contains natural oil.

Where do you store these products after using them to preserve this stuff?

My old mop sits out in the garage, but I’m worried it will collect

All the outside dust and then not work so well inside.

Thank You,

Dear Donna,

Our Red Duster head is was much like the California Car Duster; it has a paraffin wax in the fibers. It is not good to store in a hot place. If your garage gets really hot, then it is not a good place to store it. This is why we tell our members to not leave their Car Duster on the upholstery of your car. We recommend putting it in a bag and storing in the truck. I put my red duster in my broom closet. I reduce the length of the handle and hang it up after I go outside and shake it.

Picture of a FeatherAs for my Feather duster; I keep it in my umbrella stand by the front door. I still have the original prototype from ten years ago. It is as beautiful as ever because the sunlight shines on it each day so the dirt mites do not eat it.  Dirt mites don’t like sunshine.

There is no natural oil in the ostrich feathers. They pick up dust because of the structure of the feather. Check out this close up picture of the feather.  If you have stored your duster in a dark closet; don’t be surprised if the feathers start falling out because the dust mite are having a feast.

About twice a year it is good to give your feather duster a baby shampoo bath. Then blow dry it. It poofs right back up.

Our Retro Duster is at its lowest price ever! Only $12.00 for the next few days. Get your today while supplies last!

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