November Habit #9 Menu Planning – Thank You for All of Your Encouragement

As November’s habit is menu planning, I just had to tell you how I do menu planning.

My family contains teenagers as well as a 10-year-old, all with different schedules. It is absolutely necessary to have a menu plan!

I write  my plan on my calendar in PENCIL…and also make a list of what meals I have planned for the week and put it on the refrigerator. I try to include each week things my family loves but take a little more time/labor (meatloaf and homemade mac and cheese) as well as some easy, quick items (tacos) and at least one crock pot meal.

So, if someone gets sick and we end up spending the afternoon in the doctor’s office, or DH calls to say he had Mexican for lunch and doesn’t want it again I am prepared! I review my list and can adjust which nights I prepare which item on the menu.  I love that I can be flexible and revert to “plan B” at any time, without breaking a sweat!

Thank you, Thank you, FlyLady and friends for all of your encouragement!  I don’t remember how I survived before I found you!

Flybaby in Alabama

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