Rubba Sweepa Saved My Washing Machine

Dear FlyLady,

My dogs like to sleep in our basement family room on fluffy rugs and mats.  The only problem is that the dogs are fluffy, too!  This means lots of fur on those mats, and when they need to be laundered, I had a big problem.  I have a front loading washer and the doggie fur clogged up the filters.  Although I had swept, vacuumed , and beat the rugs and mats on our brick wall outside, nothing got all the fur off.  I haven’t even mentioned all the extra time this took.
So, this morning, while sweeping the familly room (parquet flooring) with the Rubba sweepa, I got an idea.  Just use the Rubba Sweepa on the mats and rugs!  Why didn’t I think of that before?  I spread them out on the floor and swept them with the Rubba Sweepa.  You won’t believe how easy the fur came off.  Rugs and mats went into warm, soapy water of my machine and came out clean.  No doggie fur to dig out of the filters and the inside rubber ring of the washer.  No weird sounds from my washer!  Rubba Sweepa saved my machine and saved me time.  I love it!

VA FlyBaby

FlyLady here: I love this! We have 5 braided rugs in our home. It takes me two minutes to Rubba Sweepa the dog hair off of each rug. I hate pulling out a vacuum cleaner and and then being upset when it won’t get the dog hair off our rugs! Yeah for the Rubba Sweepa!

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