December Habit #2 Pamper While you Clean

Dear FlyLady,

I only found your website a few weeks ago when a friend mentioned you on  her blog. I am LOVING my new routines. My DH is still afraid that this is just a phase that I’m going to burn myself out on, but I find myself feeling better the longer I FLY rather than becoming overwhelmed with all of the work to be done. He can’t believe he is coming home to a clean house, clean kitchen, AND a happy wife. At first I thought maybe I shouldn’t tell him that I’m not spending all day working on household chores, but I decided I don’t want him worrying about me so I let him in on some of my new FlyLady techniques. He even shined my sink for me the other night!

Anyway, I really wanted to write about the DUH moment you gave me last
night. I had the kids in bed and all my evening routines completed early and thought it would be the perfect time to pamper myself with a hot bath and a good book. But …. while my kitchen and my toilets were clean, I definitely did not want to lower my Franny into my nasty bathtub. I’ve been meaning to get to it, but I’m still on the babysteps and hadn’t figured out where to fit cleaning the shower into my routines.

So, I did a search on your website because I knew you must have a great way to keep the shower clean on a regular basis. When I read that you clean the shower while you were in it, I thought … Duh?! I wash, shave, shampoo, exfoliate, contemplate, plan, relax, and meditate in the shower — of course I can clean it, too! I was a little bit skeptical that just regular body wash would take care of the water stains and scum I had let accumulate, but what do you know? You were right! So, today I am basking in my clean shower along with my clean kitchen, bathroom, and oh wait … my clean house! Talk about pampering myself! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Flybaby in NC

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