The Heat Wave and A Hot Car

  Dear FlyLady,

Well, I already had one of your water bottles, so I knew they were good… but my last little trip really hit it home.  I had ordered 4 more water bottles and picked them up from my Uncle’s house in the states.

I filled them each with about 4 ice cubes and water and promptly put them into my car and proceeded to forget they were there.  This was at noon.  We parked the car in my cousin’s driveway and went out for the night.

The next day, at about 4pm, I thought I would check and see how the water was, I was thirsty and desperate.  I was absolutely stunned to find the water was still cool after over 28 hours in the car in a heat wave!  It was seriously over 30 degrees Centigrade for the past two days and that water was still cool after all that time in a closed car!

Even my husband was amazed and had to admit that they are worth every penny!

FlyBaby S.

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