December Habit #14 5 Minutes is all you Need

Dear FlyLady,

I have a different pampering activity for each day of the week most of which take less than 5 minutes: Monday: massage my feet with a spa lotion, Tuesday: Tea or other hot drink to sip and make me slow down and relax, Wednesday: Soak in the bath, Thursday: write down something that week that I am thankful for, Friday: Find an inspiring quote, do something with friends, and Sunday: homemade spa with my toddler. We soak our feet in bins with warm water and little round glass pebbles; she mostly soaks the floor but I have plenty of towels handy.

Most of my pampering takes place with my daughter which is great because I don’t feel guilty and I am showing her that it is important to take care of
herself. On days that I feel more crunched for time I have applied a facial mask at the beginning of my daughters bath time and rinsed my face in her water as her bath ends or sat on the edge of the tub and soaked my feet while she took her bath. I also put affirmations and encouragements for myself in my car and at my desk so I am constantly being reminded to take care of myself.

Thanks for helping me FLY! I never would have been able to include daily pampering if I did not follow your routines.

FlyBaby J

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