December Habit #22 Spa at Home

Dear FlyLady,
I started “taking time for me” by turning my quick-shower into a spa pamper time. I had not done this for so long I actually had to make myself a checklist! LOL!

In the beginning, I did this each day, and it took a bout 3 days for me to feel “human” again.  Now I do this every other day or so.

And…I don’t wait until late in the day when everyone else is taken care of. I’m a SAHM with a home business, and extended family home with DM (Dear
Mom), so while I often work 7 days a week, I can set my own schedule.

As soon as DD is off to school, gramma looked after, and dogs walked
(morning routine!), then it’s my spa time. Being a SHE…I really make sure I don’t skip a step. After “floss” I’m home free to relax and get refreshed.

Happy Holidays!
Flybaby in California

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