December Habit #28 Enjoy the Process

Dear FlyLady,

Thanks to your daily pampering reminders I am no longer sporting the “martyred mom” look!  Oh how you know that we put ourselves off so consistently that a year will go by before we finally go get a haircut.

I made those appointments to use those spa gift cards I received LAST Christmas, finally bought some hand weights for loving movement, and a new pair of sneakers.  My feel don’t hurt anymore, my skin is glowing, and my attitude is brighter!

And just wanted to add I love those things you and your team say that seem so obvious once you say them!  (Why didn’t I think of that before?!). Today’s nugget was “Enjoying the process is what keeps us from feeling like a martyr!”  Thank you for reminding me that housework is not an end in and of itself but just something that allows us to live in peace (and that I can enjoy the process).

Karen in VA

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