January Habit #19 Shining the Sink by Candlelight

Dear FlyLady,

I first joined FlyLady in the very early days and I’ve been flapping, hovering, fluttering and flying on and off ever since.

This year I’ve decided that it’s about time I got to grips with shining my sink every day, just like you suggest. Ten, or however many, years later it’s not too late to get this sorted, is it?!!!

I do shine the sink but it’s been more like weekly, not daily. This year I’m determined that it will be every day.

We’ve had our evening meal so now for the sink, but there’s a problem.

The kitchen light bulb has blown and I don’t have a spare. I think about it a bit longer. I light a row of candles along the windowsill behind the taps and set to work with the orange-yellow candlelight making my sink glow and flicker. The more I shine the sink, the bigger the glow. It’s like a sunset.

I know I can’t see well enough to get rid of all the hard water marks but I do my best which definitely looks good enough in the softness of the light. I rinse and dry the stainless steel, stand back and smile.

I think I might always shine my sink by candlelight from now on.

Flying in Oxford, England

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