Our Fake Thanksgiving

Hi Folks!

Since my DH is leaving on deployment the first week of December, we’ve already had our “Fake Thanksgiving” on the 8th, and are planning “Our Christmas” for the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We really didn’t want to miss spending the holidays together, but the Army doesn’t give us a choice of days. So, we changed the holi-dates for ourselves.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was ‘low stress’ all day. I knew if we had forgotten something, all the stores would be open, so why worry? My MIL works and has ZERO chance of getting the actual holiday off, but the 8th wasn’t a problem, so no stress for her. Our military buddies had a half day off (weird shifts) that Saturday for Veterans
day, so we had a full house (YAY), without any extra stress for them. And since everyone had the next day (Sunday) off, we could all relax and not worry about having a LATE dinner around 8:30 pm.

This wasn’t our first “Fake Thanksgiving,” but having the holiday on OUR terms, instead of on the Perfect day, makes it a wonderful, and personal experience. I don’t think we’ll ever go back to hosting “Real Thanksgiving.” Also, as a bonus, we all feel like we got our holiday in, so everyone of our guests has volunteered to pick up an
extra shift on Thanksgiving, so their co-workers can get the time off to travel to visit family. I guess we’re paying it forward a bit too.

Thanks for all you folks do! If we weren’t fluttering along here, we couldn’t make these holidays happen, and I’d be even more freaked out about having our first kiddo while he’s off on deployment.

Flying 6 mos Preggo in MD

FlyLady here: I am so proud of this FlyBaby. She and her family understand that we can celebrate a holiday on any day!!

As we go into the holiday season we want to thank all our military families. Let us keep all our troops serving at home and abroad in our thoughts and prayers.

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