FlyLady’s Buzz Words

FlyLady’s Buzz Words

As many of you know, all of this information can be found in the beginning of the Sink Reflections book. However, new FlyBabies may not have had a chance to read the book or listen to the audiobook. I have  had many questions asking what is  a Hot Spot, 27 Fling Boogie, BabySteps, and many more Buzz words like those. Some have been coined by us for the FlyLady Program and others have come from our wonderful members. All of them are used throughout the book and website; therefore, as you learn to declutter your home and life, they will become an important way we communicate with each other.


BabySteps:  Always remember: BabySteps! I do not want you to be burned out by Doing too much too fast. This is a big Problem for all of us. We want it done now. I am here to tell you that this process is going to take time. We will eventually have a clean and organized home, but first we have to learn some routines. Do a little everyday.

“Before Bed” Routine:  This is one of our most powerful tools. This is the most important routine of the the whole day! It is not the only one, but it starts you in the right direction every morning.

CHAOS:  Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. This is just what it sounds like.

Control Journal:  This is a special, customized system to help you stay on track with your daily activities. You build it yourself. It is just a 3-ring binder to hold your routines in one place.

Five-Minute Room Rescue:  This is one of the tools that FlyLady Suggests that you use to clear a path in your worst room.You can identify this room easily by thinking. “Which room would cause me to turn bright red if anyone saw it?” Work on this room for 5 minutes for 27 days and it will be the first stop on your home tour!

FLY & FLYing:  One of our dear members coined it for me: FLY means Finally Loving Yourself!

FlyBabies:  New members are called “FlyBabies.” Keep in mind, you are not behind as a FlyBaby, you are just getting started. I don’t want you to think you have to catch up with anyone. You jump in where you are.

Franny: A symbol of the sad person within us all when we are surrounded by clutter and CHAOS.

God Breeze:  On our first date my husband, Robert, told me about God Breezes. Imagine yourself in a little sailboat on a calm lake, Now think about the vision of Godas being the Ole North Wind. If you ever have your sails up when the breeze comes, you can go where it take you. If you don’t you are dead in the water.

Home Blessing:  Each week we spend about an hour “blessing” instead of “cleaning” our home by setting a timer for 10 minutes for each of 7 jobs: Change sheets, Vacuum, Dust, Cull Magazines, Mop, Empty all the trash, Polish mirrors and doors.

Hotspot:  Any area, but usually one that is clean. Yet, as soon as you lay one piece of paper on it, the paper will begin to multiply and before you know it, the surface will be covered. I have several: My dining room table, the end of a kitchen counter, the coffee table, an end table, a chair in my bedroom, and my cedar chest. Do I have to say more? You have them too!

SHE (Sidetracked Home Executives):  This is a concept from a book written bt Pam Young and Peggy Jones(Sidetracked Home Executives. From Pigpen to Paradise). In fact they came up with the underlying principles of the FlyLady System and have endorsed the way I teach it. Pam & Peggy have changed my life through their books, humor, and wonderful attitude toward living. They first developed the idea of “Zones.”

Stuff: This is a shorthand buzzword we use for Something That Undermines Family Fun.

27 Fling Boogie: A tool to declutter your house 27 items at a time.

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