They Had Been Thrown Out

Dear Fly Lady,

On December 22 of this last year a fire started in my husbands shop/man cave, at 3:30 AM.  Everyone got out safely (2 legged and 4 legged members of our family)  Which is what is MOST important!!

The shop was a total loss but there was a lot of smoke / water damage in  the rest of the house.

We are living in a great hotel with a full kitchen so I can cook for our family an indoor pool etc – but, still, I was feeling “off”.  I really couldn’t figure out what was wrong – and then I realized — I don’t have my household journal!!

After searching the house for it (and my Fly Lady tools) I realized they had been thrown out because it (they) could not be completely cleaned.  So I set out to make a new journal – I’m so excited and feeling more ‘put together’.  I don’t like having to make do with the store bought cleaning items and other tools – but I can’t wait to get back in our house and re-order all of your amazing tools it’s going to be like Christmas!!!

Thank you for being dedicated to helping us help ourselves – and showing us that we are not behind – all we have to do is keep taking baby steps – that is what’s  keeping me going – and allowing me to help my family.


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