I Never learned HOW

Dear Fly Lady,

I remember hearing my mom talk about you years ago, but I must not have really grasped what you and your program are all about.

I grew up with parents who are hoarders. Our home was absolutely filthy, to the point that protective services probably would have intervened if the situation were known to anyone outside.  I definitely lived in CHAOS, and always promised myself that when I had my own home, it would never be that way.  The things is – I never learned HOW to keep it from getting that way.

I have so many deep-seated habits and errors in thinking that no amount of enthusiasm has ever really kept me going before. My home is not at all a hoarder home, but I do struggle with keeping it clean and feeling overwhelmed as I try hard to care for our four children.

Thank you so much for addressing the underlying factors to all of this.  The emotional side, the side where we learn about our perfectionism and how it is getting in our way, how our stinking thinking messes it all up – pun totally intended! – is more important to deal with than any amount of lists, techniques or chore charts.

Thank you, Thank you!  I am now on day three and already I can tell that a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and mind. I have hope!

FlyBaby Holly
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