Even Organizational Tools Can Become Clutter

Dear FlyLady,

I had an “Ahah” moment this morning.  I have been getting and using your FlyLady calendars for many years.  But, Somehow, I was never able to toss the sticker sheets away after I had set up the calendar initially.  Now you probably see where this is going-  they kept getting stashed in a desk drawer, and they got stuck every time I tried to open that drawer.  Recently I thought of the idea that I could remove them from that drawer and put them up in the cupboard, but it never got beyond the idea stage.  Well, this morning I couldn’t stand that drawer anymore.

Out came the pile of stickers- many sheets pristine, a few had some removed, a few were from several older renditions of your calendar stickers.  I then took my calendar down  and used any stickers I could for the current one.  Then I started counting, to see how absurd this stash had become.  Are you ready??  34 sheets of stickers that I didn’t need!!  And that was saving a couple (just in case).
Out to recycling they will go tonight. And yes, I can now OPEN that drawer. It could still use some other flings (like those nasty, uncontrolled extension cords) But gone is the guilt of those stickers!
Even organization tools can be clutter if you are not using them!  What a concept!  And I know that when I order a new calendar later this year, I will get more stickers!  (What is really scary is that a couple of years, I got calendars without the sticker package and it still got this out of control!)
Thanks for all of your encouragement!
FlyLady Stacey
Upstate NY

FlyLady here: You don’t have to order the calendar with the stickers. You can get it all by itself. It is only $11.99.

Have you been procrastinating about getting your calendar this year? Don’t miss your chance!

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