Dryer Lint Kit is a “No Brainer”

Dear Flylady,

When you first told us about the Dryer Lint Kit, I ordered it because it seemed like a no-brainer. I have been pretty good about cleaning my vents when you remind us, but this time-I put it off. When we tiled our floor, 7 years ago now-we tiled to the edge of the door and stopped. I still have bare concrete floor under my washer and dryer. Well, DH mentioned a few months ago that we were going to pull everything out and tile it soon, so I put it off. After all, the perfect time to do it was when I already have the dryer pulled out.

Well, that p*fect time never came. After 7 years, I am not surprised that it still has not been completed. The other morning, I ran the dryer a few minutes before work because I ditched my evening routine and had to knock some wrinkles out. Beating myself up, I opened the dryer door only to have the smoke alarm go off in the hallway. Wow! What an eye opener! (for DH especially, who was still sound asleep!)

I ran out the door to work. That night, I came home, finished my evening routine and went to my laundry closet to pull down my dryer cleaner kit. Set the timer for 15 minutes, pulled it out, fished out a softball size total of lint, put everything back and still had time on my timer. What started out a day in total CHAOS, ended on a high note as I swept around the dryer and everything.

From now on, I will follow the gentle reminders and no longer put off that task, thinking it will just be for a week or two. Thanks for such a wonderful tool!

FLYing in FL

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