New Use for a Rubba Scrubba

Dear FlyLady,

I have 10 dogs and a lot of dog beds and blankets that get washed..
Tons of fur gets left on the inside walls of the washer. I use the Rubba Scrubba to wipe it down.  It gets all the ‘left in washer’ fur!
It works great because I can’t reach inside with a rag.

FlyBaby H.  

FlyLady here: Do You have a problem with reach.  Right now we have a BOGO on our Rubba Scrubbas.

We have something special for you!
Put an item in your shopping cart then calculate the shipping.

We have given you a discount on your shipping! We think you are really going to love what we have done.


This is a mop cloth that I designed from our detailed dusting mitt. It does an amazing job on my floors. It helps me to eliminate the sweeping step before I mop. Check it out in our FlyShop. We have lots of pictures and a video now.

The next new item is a Multi-Wand.

It is flexible and has lots of ways it can be used. One great feature is that it will attach to our mop handle and it will give you an extended reach. I wanted this tool to keep you from climbing on furniture.

Check out all the pictures for this great new dusting tool.


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