My First Free Saturday in Years

Dear FlyLady,
Thank you so so much!

I just had my first free Saturday in years. I work full time and have two children. Saturday was my housework day. I would scrub and polish the whole house. It would take hours. At the end of it I would be miserable grumpy and tired. Now I have my FlyLady Control Journal, and this week I have been following a new routine. So all that had to be done today was vacuuming!

Thank you so much, you’ve given me my weekend back!


FlyLady here: Tamsin, I am very proud of you. It sounds like you are doing your Weekly Home Blessing a little every day.  Here is a Weekly Home Blessing List for all of you to post on your refrigerator or bathroom door. If you need me to help you with your Home Blessing; we have a podcast.

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