ODE to my OIB

I pay bills online,
but I organize them and budget using the ledger and
calculator in my OIB.

I receive magazines at home,
but I keep my favorite one handy in my OIB.

I cook at home,
but it all begins in my OIB where I plan my meals
and make my grocery list.

I talk on the phone regularly,
but I only take time to write cards and thank-you’s
because they’re ready in my OIB.

I like to order gifts from my favorite catalog,
and invariably the ordering takes place by cell phone
because the address list & catalog are found in my OIB.

I hate sorting mail,
but (and you guessed it) it’s not so bad when I pull it out
of my OIB weekly and divide it into the “bills”, “shred” or
“file” pockets.

My handy little OIB is always stocked and ready, whether I’m at the
kids’ practice, in a waiting room, or the carpool line!

Thanks, OIB!


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