I Just Did

Dear FlyLady,

I live in Denmark. I do understand English quite Well, but I have always Said, that I did not want to read a whole book in English. Well now I just did! At first I just read the sample and then I just had to read the whole book. I do not have a Kindle, but I discovered I could get a Kindle app for my iPad. And it is so easy to download the book and read it.

I have been fluttering a couple of years. Many times I had fallen off the wagon, but one habit I have used a lot is: you Can do anything for 15 minutes. I had an exam in the spring. I had to read a lot and I had trouble to stay focused. Then I used my timer: 15 minutes… And then another 15 minutes. I did pass my exam with a great result. Now I am trying to declutter my house. It is very hard since I Can use a lot of stuff. I have some great hobbies and I have a lot of stuff. I do not know how to declutter my hobby stuff.

Lots of love from Denmark.

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