Very Introspective

By Christy

This book has breathed Hope into my life. I could relate so well to the struggles that these women in this book had faced. I can’t say that I was to the point of such despair in my homemaking abilities…..but there are areas in my life, my home, and my heart that do need to be decluttered.

I became very introspective as I read this book, as it brought me face to face with those areas of my life in which I have felt totally inadequate….and in this book I have found the much needed encouragement to change.
I can do this! … And I love myself enough to follow through…..
I have journaled quite a bit on my journey through this book, and I will be adding the “Hidden Treasures” that I have discovered while reading into my Control Journal to refer to often…

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” …. and I am determined to come to that place where I will find joy in all that I do and truly celebrate who God has created me to be!

Thank you!

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