Saved Him a Lot of Time

Dear Flylady,

Hi! I have been Flying off and on for years. I have adjusted your ideas to fit me and I love what you do for all of us! The time you spend on the emails and all of your products that are so useful! You Are Awesome!

I always read the testimonials so I can get great ideas for your products, but never thought I would be writing one!

We love the Clog Cannon! I first used it on the kids’ bathroom sink and I was impressed and then I used it on our bathroom sink and my husband was impressed!

Then last week my husband asked for the ‘Unclogger Thing‘ I had. He used it outside to unclog an irrigation drainage pipe that had some soil and a small piece of cardboard in it. He brought it back and proudly announced that it worked! It saved him a lot of time!

I am pleased with your purple rags, too! I use them all the time. I even tried it on my special purse that had a soiled spot and it worked great!

I could go on and on, but I will just say that you are a Blessing To Us All!

Flying in Oregon

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