Entertaining and Inspirational

Close To Home
By Aussie lover (Amazon User)

I felt like someone had stepped into my home and had seen portions of my life. An inspiring story for those of us who are trying to get our lives and homes in order. It gave me hope that I can do it. The characters were very “real” and the story compelling enough that I had difficulty putting the book down. Definitely one that I will reread to give me motivation and inspiration that I can take “baby steps” and can “FLY”.

By  Jan

I absolutely loved this book. It was so full of the wisdom of FlyLady wrapped up in the lives of Courtney and Gina, and their families. I was reminded over and over not to try to “fix” things in one day, rather to jump in where I am and take it one Baby Step at a time. I am very motivated to get up and shine my sink. Don’t miss this book!


Entertaining and Inspirational
By Juliakops (Amazon User)

The author wrote a book that is easy to read, entertaining, and very inspirational. I am a fan of her sister’s website (FlyLady.net) and it was so neat to read this book as a fiction, knowing that the whole idea of the book is true.

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