Just To Come Out and LOOK

Dear FlyLady,

My dryer started working sporadically and the heat wasn’t coming on. We called a repair company and they wanted to charge $60 just to come out and LOOK at it! I’m out of work so I knew we couldn’t afford it. As a temporary fix I was hanging the laundry up all over the house to dry until we could save up the money to have it fixed. We had to live amongst wet clothes, and I had sheets draped over the shower curtain to dry so it was hard to take a shower.

I read your testimonials faithfully and have read many about the Dryer cleaning kit. On a whim I decided to order it. What if all I needed to do was clean out the lint? I ordered the kit and waited anxiously for it to arrive.

It arrived in just a few DAYS and I opened it immediately. I used the soft brushes to pull the lint out of the trap and I got FISTFULS of lint! I used the flat vacuum attachment to get the rest out.

My dryer is working great now! In fact, it’s working BETTER than before and drying clothes much faster! That will save us on our gas and electric bill too.

I’m glad the dryer stopped putting out heat rather than burn down our building. I’m also thankful that you have such a wonderful product. If I hadn’t read about it I probably would have paid $60 to have the guy come out and tell me there wasn’t anything wrong with my dryer other than lint. I have added cleaning out my dryer to my Control Journal and will do it faithfully.


Lint-Free in Illinois

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