Really Great Read

It’s worth taking the chance…
By Karen Bosso

It can be hard to take the chance on a new or self-published author—this one is definitely worth it. There’s intrigue, suspense, adventure, humor, well-drawn characters, history, romance, a complex, yet manageable plot, surprises you don’t see until…. The author’s voice shines through as a natural storyteller. Read the sample, don’t rely on the description–it’s accurate, but doesn’t do it justice. I’m left caring about these characters, which only happens to me when a story draws me completely inside and doesn’t (quite) let all of me go. Is an author’s ability to do that science or magic? You decide.


Really Great Read
By Amazon Customer

For a first novel, this is an exceptionally great read. Even though the work is fiction, the details are believable and make you wonder “could that possibly work?”. The plot line has enough different legs and the way the author moves between them is seamless and keeps your interest in each part of the story going throughout the work. He should continue to write.

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