By Brenda Andersonon January 15, 2016
Format: Paperback

First, may I say, WHO would not advertise/promote THEIR business? Second, this book was written by FlyLady’s sister for HER. Paddi wrote a sweet and inspirational story of, about and for Marla. Marla is simply sharing a beautiful gesture by her sister with the world. If you can find better products and have not been motivated to get your house and self in order then you don’t even need the book. You can do it alone. Props! Many of us have gone from clutter and CHAOS to Finally Loving Ourselves!

This is a sweet, inspirational story, full of love, peace and mentions of a very special sister and her company, as well as, a testimony of how and why the sister helps others who are struggling with the same things she struggled with in her life. Can’t you see that?!? Marla didn’t even set out to start a business… only to help a friend. This book is a fabulous read! Take it and run with it! I’m not yelling… just trying to open a few closed eyes and minds.

Thank you. Love you, Marla aka FlyLady, and thank you for your time, effort and patience with each one of us. God Bless You!

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