After All The Reminders

Dear FlyLady,

I can not recall how many times I have read the dryer hose cleaning kit testimonials over the years and I kept meaning to send in my own.   It was right after you started to offer the dryer cleaning kit.   I thought, “that sounds important” and meant to ask my husband what he thought but forgot.

A few months passed, and after reminders in my emails, I kept thinking I need to get one.  Then, one day, my dryer stopped heating up.  The problem: there is a safety cut-off that if the dryer gets too hot (due to a blocked dryer vent) this switch keeps the heating element from heating up to prevent a fire.

The repair man said, however, “it doesn’t always work as it should and you’re lucky to have a repair bill for the dryer instead of losing your home to fire damage.” However, I could have skipped the $150 repair bill had I purchased a FlyLady dryer cleaning kit instead.

FlyBaby J

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