Great Book

A Truly Touching Book

By Amazon Customer

What an amazing book! Truly life changing! If you have problems with organizing your home this is the book for you!! It’s not just about organization it’s got a great story line about friendship and caring about hope and love, not just love for others, but love for yourself It’s so sweet that you will want more! I was sorry to come to the end of the book.
Great Book

By Amy Brantley

I was truly able to relate to the characters in this book and, although it’s fiction, it made me feel like there really must be women out there going through the same struggles as I do on a daily, make that hourly, basis. It was motivational for me, personally.
It’s Fantastic!

By Amanda Kemper

This book is unconventional as a novel but as a Flylady encouragement book it’s fantastic! I loved the tie-in at the end!

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