Cats Are In Charge = Thumbs Up

Really Great Read
By Amazon Customer

For a first novel, this is an exceptionally great read. Even though the work is fiction, the details are believable and make you wonder “could that possibly work?”. The plot line has enough different legs and the way the author moves between them is seamless and keeps your interest in each part of the story going throughout the work. He should continue to write.

Cats are in charge = thumbs up!
By Transrational Soul

This book had me captivated the whole way through, and spoke to many of my perspectives on reality,corporations, and cats! It reminded me to always treat my cats with respect and learn from them, in addition to many other delightful characters and plot arcs within plot arcs that kept me on my toes. It was so nice and relaxing but engaging at the same time to escape to this world for a while. I hope there is a sequel! Cat lovers, new agers, and all those who value good friends who are like family should read this book.


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