Two Birds, One Stone

Dear FlyLady,

I recently purchased the clog cannon, and finally received it on Saturday. I had been fighting with a slow drain (almost totally clogged) in my bathroom sink, and even a snake wouldn’t do the trick. But, 20 pumps on the clog cannon, and one pop later, the sink drains fine.

Next I went for the toilet, which occasionally doesn’t flush properly (the toilet paper stays in the bowl, so it takes a couple of flushes and a plunger to get it to go). Again, 20 pumps and a pop later, and so far I haven’t had any draining problems in the toilet.

Is it a bad sign that I can’t wait for the next clog, so I can blow it away with the cannon?

Now, I’m off to work, which means that I’ll get to try out the water bottle that I bought with the cannon. So I’ll definitely be giving the bottle a good workout.

Have a great day:)

Muscatine, IA


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