My Daughter Wants Friends Over

Hi FlyLady,

I just wanted to say that I joined your mailing list about 2 weeks ago after a recommendation.  Well, for the first week I laughed at all the emails, refused to believe any of it, sounds like someone just wanting me to buy a load of stuff I don’t need.  Then I read the bit at the end – you are not behind, just jump in bit, that really hit me. It screams to me.So, I have been suffering severe depression for 3 months, house is awful, have a 5 year old, just got too much. We broke up for the holidays yesterday and last week I made a huge list – like 4 pages – of all my jobs. I am going through them and today I managed to do my daughters room in 1 afternoon!!! Its amazing. Ok the windows need another go over – but I have lived here 5 years and never cleaned a window! I have hoovered, dusted, got 2 bags for charity shop and 2 bags of clothes, gone through drawers and wardrobes, hoovered bottoms of toy chests and done so much! I did it half hour in there, half hour out, etc and got it done in 4 hours – including my breaks. If you had told me I could do it all in 1 afternoon I would have laughed at you! But I feel amazing, empowered for tomorrow when I do the kitchen, Saturday is the hall and stairs!I am excited as my daughter wants friends over and up til now I’ve had to say no is just too messy and embarrassing – but by the end of next week the house (apart from my room) will be fit for people!!!

Thank you so much for getting me started on my huge journey. I now read all your emails and want to buy your bits – but being a single mum studying I cannot yet afford them!

Katie x


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