I Appreciate Your Dedication To Us

Dearest FlyCrew,

In the last 6 months, your babysteps & encouragement have taken me from being a woman frozen by perfection to a woman who loves to bless her home!

In the past, I tried several programs to help me clean my home.  One that stands out in my memory had me go from room to room & make a list of everything that needed to be cleaned, & then make a master calendar of what needed to be done every day for a year.

Well, I love making lists & filling out calendars, so that was a breeze. However, on the first day I was to actually start cleaning, I looked at the list of things on the calendar & was paralyzed by it!  How could I get all that stuff done & do it right in just one day?  Needless to say, I put that calendar in the trash & felt like a failure.

Now, let me tell you my experience with FlyLady.  On day 1, I was instructed to empty my kitchen sink & shine it; then send an email to FlyLady that I’d done it.  That was it!  That was awesome!  FlyLady told me how good it would make me feel, she told me she was proud of me, & I felt successful!

Every babystep helped me grow more confident – getting dressed to shoes (no problem), swish & swipe the bathroom (easy), do a load of laundry (come on FlyLady, how about a challenge?), read your emails for inspiration (my pleasure), set my timer for 15 minutes (very motivating).  I could go on & on.

Now I bless my home every day – no more cleaning, no more worrying about doing it the “right way.”  I just jump in where I am & love my home, my family, & myself!

I really appreciate your dedication to us, men & women of all ages, who need help realizing that cleaning done incorrectly still blesses our families!


With love & prayers of gratitude,

FlyBaby Karen



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