Checking It Twice

   Dear FlyLady,

I admit I’ve been off the bandwagon for awhile. I was overwhelmed with work, graduating from college, being a mother of a toddler and being a (not so) loving wife. I wanted to stay on the list but didn’t have time to read the emails, so I just set up a filter for them to automatically go in their own email folder. When I noticed I got around 50 messages or so I would select them all and delete them without even reading them. But something my husband did changed that.

My hubby never knows what we’re doing from one day to the next (other than his work schedule) and I always have to tell him to check the calendar. This past weekend was our annual family reunion, and I was getting everyone and everything ready to go. Hubby was making lunch and asked me, “So when are we leaving for the reunion?”

I was stunned that he even knew we had the reunion that day since he always works on Saturdays. I asked him, “Don’t you have to work?” He smiled and said that he had asked off 2 weeks ago as a nice surprise, since he hasn’t been able to come to a family reunion in years due to work. I was elated, and it wouldn’t have happened without your calendar and actually making sure to use it!

With that surprise, I’ve begun to try to pick up some more on getting routines done. Which is why I’m now going to do the dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher) and get on with my nightly routine!

FlyBaby in Cincinnati

FlyLady here: What a great surprise! This husband read the calendar and had enough time to change his work schedule so he could attend the family reunion!

Busy families seem to go in all directions and the FlyLady calendar is the tool that helps all of you plan your schedules. You have to have one and use it – you will be amazed at how much you reduce the CHAOS when you do!


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