Wonderful Tools For Cleaning

Dear FlyLady,

 I have your purple rags in a bag. I absolutely love those wonderful rags. I have never cleaned so much without chemicals before and stuff come out clean.

I recently sent my oldest son over to my living room windows with a wet purple rag and a dry towel. I ended up with clean streak free windows. I didn’t even need soap. I was amazed. So just out of curiosity I decided to try the same method on my TV. I have a big flat screen TV, the type of TV they say you have to use a certain rag and spray on. Well I recently ran out of the spray and my TV needed a good cleaning so instead of dropping everything I was doing to make a store run I took the purple rag, wet it down and wrung it out, grabbed a dry towel and went to cleaning my TV. It came out cleaner than with the special rag and spray. Normally with what they say you have to use on the TV I spend 10-15 minutes spraying and wiping just to get the streaks off the screen. With the wet purple rag and dry towel I spent maybe 2 minutes cleaning and no streaks at all.

Your purple rags are a wonderful tool for cleaning. I will definitely be buying more of those. I can’t wait to start clearing out my cleaning closet of all the unnecessary cleaning rags and just have the rags in a bag.

Totally wowed FlyBaby Nichi



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