That’s What The Routines Are All About

beyoutifulDear FlyLady,

I have a confession to make. I have not allowed my bedtime routine to sink in (no pun intended!) because I thought I felt “exhausted” after my young children were in bed. I thought I “deserved” the peace and quiet, not having to do anything except talk with hubby and then read a book for an hour, and then just go to bed.

Well, no wonder FLYing never caught on. Without prepping for the next day, every day started out distressed. As I used to say in grade school: Well, duh.

On Sunday, I was not prepared for the day and it caused problems when we were late to a family function. When we came home and as DH and I were putting the kids to bed, I thought, “Something has got to change.”


So I did the basics of a Before Bed Routine EARLY.

1. When I got the last-chance drink for the kids, I put the remaining dishes in the dishwasher and started it, then quick-shined the sink, and laid out a new towel. It took all of *5* minutes.

2. While I helped our kids brush their teeth, I washed my face and brushed my teeth.

3. While brushing, I casually walked over to check the calendar to see what was going on the next day.

4. Just as the kids were getting in bed, but before a story and prayer time, I opened their drawers and asked them what they wanted to wear the next day, laying it on the dresser-top. It took *2* minutes. While my husband read them a story, I wanted to go sit down, but I laid out my clothes instead. Because of one-load-a-day it took no time to pick them out and lay them on the bathroom counter.

So, that’s what the Bedtime Routine is all about?? It’s SO MUCH SIMPLER than I had been making myself believe. I tossed perfectionism to the curb. Thank you for showing me how.

With gratitude and a shiny sink,


FlyLady Here: I am so proud of you, Brandi! Establishing before bed routines helps us be prepared for the next day and helps to tame the CHAOS monster.

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