Fill It Up Before I Go


Dear FlyLady,

I had to write and let you know that I love the water bottle. You’re right! I fill it up with ice in the morning and then off I go for my Drs appt’s, art class and a visit to a friend. That evening before I go to bed I fill the water bottle up and it still has ice and the water is still cold. I fill it up and put it next to my bed stand so I have cold water at night…Love it Love it.

My friends are now asking me where I got this great bottle.  I’m spreading the word. FLYLADY! Then I give them your website.

Oh yes! I love my purple rags. I call them my magic rags. Which they are. I’m going slow with getting my home organized and clean.  But I always remember what you say…you’re never behind.  Thanks so much for what you do for everyone!

From a loyal fly baby
Nancy G from. Az


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