Tons of Lint Everywhere

Dear FlyLady,

I found out how important it is to clean the lint out of the dryer regularly. I hadn’t done it recently, thinking, “Oh, it has only been a couple of years since it was cleaned – I’m sure it is still okay.” Yeah, right. Yesterday my clothes kept coming out of the dryer damp. I grabbed my husband and told him we were going to take care of this right now (Do it now!) because we certainly don’t want to burn the house down!

We took our FlyLady dryer cleaning kit and cleaned out every part of that dryer and pipe that we could get into. What a mess! There was tons of lint everywhere. I am a little early for daylight savings time this fall, but I am definitely going to start cleaning it twice a year on the daylight savings weekends.

We love the dryer kit. The tools are exactly the right sizes and shapes to get into everything you need to get into. Thanks for a great product! It never would have occurred to me to clean the dryer at all if it weren’t for FlyLady.

FlyBaby Chris in Minnesota


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