Don’t You Hate it when your Dryer Dies?

Dear FlyLady,

I ordered the FlyLady Dryer Lint Kit a while back and found it worked great at getting the lint out of my dryer. I never quite got around to getting my husband to help me with the dryer vent though. I know I could have done it myself but I have never had good luck getting that thing back together!

My dryer presented me with a load of cold, wet, socks and underwear on Easter Sunday. We have lost appliances on just about every major holiday! My husband metered it and pronounced it dead so after 10 days I now have the mate to the HE washer we had to buy last year, on almost the same date.

Tonight DH and I were down in the basement when I felt something tickling my neck. It was the long brush from the FlyLady Dryer kit and before I could tell DH that’s not what the brush was for (LOL) he began raving about how great it worked to get the lint out of the vent before the new dryer went in. I knew he had cleaned it while I was out but didn’t realize he had used your brush. Of course he wanted to know where I got it and now he likes you even more than he did before!

We already have a date for the next cleaning!

Flying lint-free in NY

FlyLady here: Our FlyLady Dryer Lint Kit was developed because we kept seeing emails from FlyBabies asking how to clean out their dryers. Jack found a great tool to help you keep your family safe from dryer fires.

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