A Calendar Party

 2017 calendarDearest FlyLady,

Add me to the list of people who are grateful for all that you do. Your FlyWashing has really changed my life around. I’ve been a member for the past three years and am still taking babysteps. My house is now cleaner and more peaceful than ever before. Today was a real high for me. Let me tell you about it.I had ordered four of your new calendars with a plan in mind. This was new for me planning before acting. I’ve always been impulsive, but since I joined your group I’ve managed to slow down enough to plot and plan. I eagerly waited for the calendars to arrive which they did within a week’s time. Next, I scheduled a time with my Mother, my DD and DDILs (Dear Daughter in Loves) to come to my house for a calendar party. What’s a calendar party you ask? To my mind, it is a celebration of the year to come and a time for just us girls to get together. Another first for me inviting someone to my home to celebrate and share.

At the party, we first had to sign five numbered index cards. Beside each number we wrote our favorite color, favorite season, favorite animals, favorite foods, favorite collectible, favorite past time, and favorite past birthday. Then we had to give one index card to each person at the table. I then explained why we had done this. I planned (again!) on using these as ideas for gifts, celebrations, and craft ideas. This really got the chatter to going among us. Each of us learned a little more about each other than we had before and it brought us closer.

Next, I presented each woman with their own calendar, pen, stickers, FlyLady clingie, and colored gel pen set. We went month by month listing the birthdays, anniversaries, and events that we have coming up. My mother and I kept a master calendar of school schedules, work schedules, and appointments. I further explained the concept of zones and your routines and turned everyone loose to figure out their own set of routines. They were really tickled to hear “Anything can be done in 15 minutes time”. The response was very excited on that and stickers started flying!

Afterward, we shared chips, dip, and sodas while we chatted. We have decided to break the chains of dysfunctional pasts, and get together again on a monthly basis. My mother was perhaps the most enthusiastic about the get-togethers. We’ve all been rather private people so there’s another first excitement to be able to share family. Who would have thought simple calendars could bring so many firsts to a person’s life? And I have you and your FlyCrew to thank for it all.

May God continue blessing you as you continue to bless us!

Slowly getting off the ground in Louisana

FlyLady here: This is such a sweet idea. I just love all of our collective creativity. Sitting down as a family to discuss upcoming holidays and birthdays and doing it on a regular basis. This will put more celebration in our lives. Our Calendars make great gifts for Christmas. Many people beg for them.


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