Feather Duster in the Tub

Dear FlyLady,

I was in the middle of my swish and swipe when I discovered a new use for the Feather Duster!

This has been my go-to tool since I found you 6 years ago! Recently, I have found a new use for it and had to share.

We have a jacuzzi tub. Since we don’t use it but maybe once every two weeks, it collects dust and hair during those times of non-use. The feather duster picks up SO well, that I now begin my bath times with a swipe from the duster in the tub to get those funkies out! I then go shake it in (and bless) my office to be vacuumed up! Then, I can fill up my tub and not have UFO’s (unknown floating objects) in my tub water!

Love you, your team, and your tools! Thank you all!!!



FlyLady here: I love the feather duster. You use it and then you shake it out and bless the world!


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