It’s Like Having A Cheerleader

Dear FlyLady,

I just started about a month ago and it’s amazing the progress I have made.  Usually by now, I have stopped whatever I was trying or just given up, or just had the thought that I’ll go back to it some other time.  At first I didn’t understand how it all fits together but now I am seeing it and I seem to be growing momentum the more I do it, not the usual giving up, so it’s exciting.

I tried to explain this to my husband but he is very skeptical and thinks it’s just another “thing” I’m doing.  I can’t wait until he “gets” it.  Also, I was already getting dressed everyday.  I learned that lesson from my great grandmother who always got up and dressed, I’m told.  I had found that I was more productive in my home business if I did.  Oddly, my husband was making up the bed and I was stubbornly refusing to, but now I am the one making it up.  I absolutely LOVE my sink being clean every morning.  It is like breathing a breath of fresh air each and every day.

It’s the emails that are keeping me on track.  The daily missions and the constant reminders are working a positive effect.  I read my email often and so they are always there.  It’s like having a cheerleader telling me it’s all ok.  Please do not stop because I probably would stop then and I’m feeling so much hope.

Oh, I just finished in the master bedroom and just for fun, I used a purple rag to clean my dresser mirror.  It has always been smeared no matter what I use to clean it.  I promise, I thought something was wrong with the mirror.  I used the purple rag and for the first time in 20 years, that mirror is shiny and clean.  I haven’t used the rags very much since I got them since I’m more of a paper towel person, but even if I don’t use them for anything other than cleaning glass, that was worth it, to have that mirror clean.

Thanks very much and keep up the work you are doing.  You are a blessing to me and I am certain many other women.


FlyLady here: Last week I gave my sister-in-law Robin a package of purple rags. She had been having trouble cleaning the soap film off of her shower doors. I told her that they would help her get that job done without any chemicals. She was impressed with them.


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