Brilliant Just Brilliant

“You’re going to enjoy this,” says the blurb, and it is nothing but the literal truth. In fact, I don’t know when I have enjoyed a book more.A deep and friendly knowledge of human nature informs this book, brightened by sharp wit and warmed by gentle humour. Lest I spoil anything, I will not say anything about the plot other than that it’s beautifully structured. But there’s something for everyone. There’s science fiction, there are love stories, there are terrorists, there’s a car chase, there are gunfights, and there are cats. There’s even a subtle little lesson on the use of the apostrophe to gladden my sour little editor heart.If you buy one book this year, make it this one and you won’t regret it. I look forward to more from this talented new writer.

Dear Friends,
If you are new to our group; you are probably thinking this book is about finding something in your clutter. LOL When my sweet darling retired from being a judge for twenty years; he took the first two years and wrote his novel. Everyone is begging him to write the sequel.
He has always been supportive of FlyLady. There is nothing he loves more than to see a review of his book. Well me. LOL If you have read it, please take a few minutes to send me your review to with COULD YOU BUT FIND IT.   Or post it on Amazon. He checks the reviews often.Thank You,

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