A Few Quick Sessions

Dear FlyLady,

I’m a new FlyBaby fluttering along for about two weeks now. As a new mama to two, my house was slowly deteriorating because I never could find the time to “clean” but now I swish and swipe every morning, shine my sink every night and after each meal and I use a feather duster to do a quick once over almost everyday and I feel so in control again!

Just one or two 15 minute sessions when I can squeeze them in does the trick! The clutter is slowly subsiding as well. Today I came around the corner into my kitchen to see my sink shining in the sunlight unhindered by a clutter of sponges, brushes and rags (they got moved to the pop out under the sink last week) and it made me so happy! I truly feel like I’m blessing my home and my family through this journey!

Thanks! Jessica in Kennewick, WA


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