More Than One Use

 Dear FlyLady,

I wanted to write to thank you for a wonderful product that has other uses than its original intended purpose.  The FlyLady dryer kit has worked wonders for cleaning our dryer vent and vent hose.  Today it rescued our new vacuum when it accidentally sucked up an item under the couch.  There was an immediate loss of suction and tapping on the hose did nothing to dislodge the item.  The selling feature of our new vacuum is a long suction hose which is fantastic except when trying to remove an item that has gotten stuck midrange.  With the power cable that runs through the inside and the bend in the hose by the handle, it was no easy feat trying to figure out how to delicately remove the clog without damaging the vacuum.  That’s where the dryer kit came to the rescue.  We unscrewed the brush on the end of the 10 foot vent duct brush and carefully pushed the wire cable through the vacuum cleaner hose.  Presto!  Out came a balled up piece of plastic wrapping and our vacuum was as good as new!

Thank you FlyLady for your wonderful products and your daily words of encouragement!

Ottawa, Canada

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