So Many Uses for the Dryer Lint Kit

Dear FlyLady,

The lint vent brush is also perfect for snaking clogs in the vacuum cleaner.  We recently replaced our carpet, so had a lot of small carpet padding pieces and fuzz from the install to clean up.  I was emptying the canister twice in each room, so thought it was picking up everything and doing okay.  All of a sudden the vacuum didn’t work as well and was running extremely hot.  I ended up snaking a whole grocery store bag of stuff out of the hose, in the handle (canister type vac), and wedged behind the beater bar.  It was completely clogged.  But, with the help of this little thing, I was able to push it all thru and save from burning up the motor or having to get out a screw driver and take it apart.


FlyLady here: I really love hearing how you use our Dryer Lint Kit! Thank you for sharing!


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