The Greatest Single Item I Own

Dear FlyLady,

No doubt about it, the water bottle is the greatest single item I own. I’ve given them to all my friends and family, and I keep 6 each for my husband and myself. We both have water challenges, must drink and drink to stay hydrated. And very often we are places where there is no place to refill the water bottle. So I found myself ordering enough to have a six-pack for myself, which I keep in one of the Built NY six-pack totes. They are a tight but really perfect fit –they keep the water bottles upright no matter where you carry them and would be great for family trips — no water bottles rolling around the car.

The real test was my husband, who absolutely refused to drink water and kept getting sick from dehydration. I started him on a single bottle with a little juice mixed in for taste, and now every day he carries his six-pack around with him — driving, working in his shop, etc. This is simply the greatest product you’ve ever had! I fill up my six pack every morning and it’s still going strong at night and will actually last until the next morning, amazing.

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